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How we work as well as the latest updates on our events.


A Christmas Ghost Hunt with S.Y.A.P.S

Do something different this Christmas and join us at the historic Wath Town Hall as we try to communicate with those of its past. Wrap up warm and bring a torch! Hot drinks provided. 18+ only. All proceeds going to Cash For Kids. £10 per person on the door.

Saturday 21st December, 7pm 
31 Church Street, S63 7RE Wath upon Dearne

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S.Y.A.P.S offer both public and private investigations, but this section is specifically for public appearances and chances for you guys to meet and work with us.

Our public events will be shared on our socials as well as our site, so be sure to be following on us Facebook and Twitter.

You may be filmed at some point during our events and that footage could end up on our socials, site, or YouTube channel. Since our aim is to capture evidence, we would expect everyone at our events to be on board with video/photography.


The Events

What can you expect from an event with us?

On an investigation with S.Y.A.P.S, you can be assured to have an authentic, transparent experience, with the chance to see an amazing building and our equipment at work, and maybe have a chance to use it yourself!

We usually begin with a presentation where you can learn more about how we work, how the night will be structured, health & safety measures, and ask any questions you have. We will also have intervals during the night for refreshments (if they're on offer) and comfort breaks, and we will meet again at the end to close the investigation and see how people liked it, receive feedback and more questions, and just have a bit of a good old natter about the things we experienced.


You can film and take photos, but we ask you to announce beforehand if you are going to use flash by saying "flash" so people are not affected by the sudden brightness since we will be in the dark. You are also free to share your findings with the team and on our social media!

If you must talk, don't whisper. Quiet voices can sound like anomalies when played back on devices, so to avoid confusion please just speak at a normal volume if you must. If we shush you at any point, it's so we can all listen to something picked up on. Out of courtesy, please keep noise to a minimum.

Please be on time for events, and let us know if you can't make it. We don't have all night to wait for latecomers and it's unfair to delay our investigation for everyone else. We would advise arriving 10-15 minutes before we are due to begin, just to be safe.

Refreshments. We will let you know if any refreshments (tea, coffee, etc) will be available at an event, but you are more than welcome to bring your own (unless the event is at an establishment like a bar or cafe). Please refrain from taking anything other than a closed bottle around with you.

You are responsible for your belongings. We will direct you as to where to leave anything you don't wish to carry with you, but if you have concerns we advise to bring a small bag you can keep on your person.

Your fee covers entry and refreshments if we are providing them. If the establishment is providing them, you will have to pay separately. We also may have merchandise available at events, and all profit made goes into funds for kit, not into our own pockets. Events are non-refundable.

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