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What we use and how it all works.

Note: this is just a small selection of the array of tools we use!

The nerve centre;

The heart of our investigations. This is where our cameras feed back to our monitor(s), showing live footage of all our stationed areas, recorded for later evaluation by our team. It's a great way to keep a tab on all activity in any given area to cross-reference later.

spirit box;

A tool you've probably heard of. It is essentially a radio linked to a speaker, which scans through stations rapidly and, as many believe, allows spirits or energy to manipulate the frequency to communicate verbally. You can still get words and music come through from the radio however, so it's important to be critical with this kit.

solstice box;

This piece of equipment is a form of spirit box developed and named by our founder and Lead Investigator, Gari. It works to eliminate the static and white noise of the typical spirit box and to amplify anomalous sounds and voices that come through. We have had a lot of interesting sessions with this kit, it's very valuable to us!


Another popular piece of equipment, the K-II is an EMF meter. It is used to detect spikes in Electro Magnetic Frequencies which could be caused by spirits attempting to establish communication by moving close to it.

rem pod;

The REM pod alerts us of changes in temperature using sound. If we leave it in a stable environment and hear it alert us of changes, it's time to investigate the cause. The lights on top will also change colour depending on the strength of the distortion.

MEL-8704-r METER;

The MEL meter provides EMF and temperature readings, allowing you to see spikes in either. If the EMF increases while the temperature typically decreases, it's a good indication that something out of the ordinary is influencing the meter.

ovilus iii;

A word database, with words coming through with a bar to show varying strength in words. When relevant words come through, especially ones that correspond with other equipment, we can infer it's something unusual.


A 'trigger object' we usually use when there's the possibility of a child spirit. He glows in different areas to signify touch, asks questions to prompt a response, and alerts verbally when he's had interaction. We usually put a recording device beside him to try to capture any responses.


A straight forward device. We aim it at areas to see if there's a temperature difference in a certain area or on an object/surface. It also captures images - one in heat detect mode, and a normal photo at the same time to compare and overlap.

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