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About Us

Learn more about how and why we do what we do.

I've always had a keen interest with the paranormal. From my earliest years I've been fascinated by how weird and wonderful our world can be. With the help of my fellow investigators I have formed S.Y.A.P.S to investigate and document these occurrences.

– Gari Lee, founder member and lead investigator

Founded by Gari Lee in 2014, we are the South Yorkshire Amateur Paranormal Society.


We are an inclusive and welcoming team of investigators of varying ages, identities, and beliefs, and despite the 'amateur' in our name, we pride ourselves on approaching the field with respect and professionalism. Over the years, the S.Y.A.P.S family has seen some changes, but we have truly gone from strength to strength.


We have earned respect amongst our surrounding communities, have an active social media reach especially through our Facebook page, regularly feature in local papers, take part in local LGBTQ+ Pride events, and have previously worked with the Mayor of Rotherham. We have also worked closely in support of Wath Hall for a couple of years now, hosting events for the public to learn about the incredible building and its history as well as to learn what we do.


Our investigations are grounded with realistic skepticism and science, and we use various pieces of equipment to communicate with spirits and capture any anomalies



Our team ethos is as follows:

1. We treat spirits, properties, and people with the upmost respect.

2. We'll always be transparent, honest, and authentic at all times. You will never have anyone behind the scenes causing a disturbance to fabricate events and evidence, and we will never tell you something has occurred if it hasn't. We don't exist to cause fear or be disingenuous, we're here to educate and allow people to experience this wonderful world with us.

3. We never charge for any of our private investigations as we feel it is unethical to make money from people who have passed on and potentially vulnerable people who contact us. (See our Events page to learn more about how we handle public events.)

4. If people ever wish for us to essentially cleanse their property of unwanted energy, we always attempt to come to an amicable arrangement and only take this step if it's totally necessary. Prior to an investigation we will see how residents feel, and check in again afterwards to discuss everything that has happened and how to proceed.

5. Encourage people to be curious, open-minded, and inquisitive. We'll always endeavour to give you as much information as possible, so please don't be shy to reach out!

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